October 25, 2011

Models have been chosen!

So, yes, we have our new models for Sitara*2012 (click to learn more about it)! We had a record turnout for auditions, over 95 people auditioned, which is a very high number for a small town like St Andrews! It was a very interesting experience being on the side of judging this year. Having been a model my past two years and having auditioned myself before, it was great to see how other people behaved in a similar context. So it was definitely a change of perspective for me!
I was surprised to see how many different attitudes people have when auditioning for something. You will have the very nervous ones, the shy ones who speak very quietly but once you get the music going will burst out of their shell; then you have the forever outgoing ones, who come in with a bubbly energetic personality and that is reflected in their walk. And of course you get the completely demotivated ones whom you wonder why even showed up.
During the auditions we had them walk two times. One standard walk first and then a fun walk where they had the opportunity to show us their personality and energy on stage. They could dance, roll on the floor... anything they felt comfortable with. We had some great people, were you could simply feel the energy coming from their performance! And that's precisely what we were looking for. Not your standard beautiful, long-legged model, but someone who was able to bring his/her own personality out in the light. At the end of the day our aim is to get ENERGY on stage, to blow the audience away and captivate them with the models performance. So hopefully we've chosen well and I'm very looking forward starting to work with all our new exciting people to make Sitara*2012 the St Andrews show of the year! ;)

A photo from last year were we choreographed a dance for the model to performs on stage, we had a great load of fun and the audience loved it!

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