October 8, 2011

Tortino di Zucchine/Courgette "quiche"

This is another very simple recipe if you want to make something quick and yummy.

What you need:

6 small courgettes
3 eggs
4 tbs of parmisan cheese
4 tbs of flour
8 tbs of milk
3 tbs of oil
a pinch of salt

Cut the courgettes, however you prefer. I usually cut them in rounds, then in half and then in quarters. It's up to your personal taste :)
Mix the eggs. Add all the other ingredients and finally slowly add the flour little by little to avoid too many lumps forming. Once you have a smooth mixture add the courgettes and mix it once more.
Do not make the mistake I did of placing it on alluminium foil because it WILL get stuck! So just oil an oven dish and bake for 30mins at 200°. Once it's a golden/brown colour it's ready :)

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