October 16, 2011


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"Maybe I’m a fool… but I think that no matter what words say, hearts speak to each other independently. But we focus so much on words and their meaning that they become so loud we forget to listen to our hearts. What isn’t said but is felt, should have greater meaning than simple letters put together." 

I've had this thoughts on my mind for a while now... and thinking over personal experiences I have a feeling we have reached a point (we as in us, people) where we've forgotten that there is a lot more to words and what lies behind them, such as the things left unsaid. Here I'm talking mainly about relationships. Why is everyone so obsessed with saying the 3 words, I - love -you. I feel today people say it with out meaning it, simply because it's what you do when, say, you're in a relationship. But is it really meant? Shouldn't we give more importance to other little things, which don't explicitly say "I love you" but mean it. Little things like, listening to you, being there for you when you need someone there and all these little things which show how someone cares... Love is more than saying "I love you". Love is love, it doesn't need explaining, nor proof... but why are we always looking for proof? 

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