December 16, 2011

Holiday's "dessert-making" list

(All images in this post have been taken from Google images, I do not own any of them)
This is a list of what I'm hoping to make (or rather, give it a try) during these two weeks I'm home for the Christmas Holidays. So on my list I have: 
§ Pannacotta §
 § Chocolate Souffle §
§ Meringues §
§ Crema Catalana § 
§ Cookies and Biscuits §

These are some of my favourite desserts and so I want to learn how to make them all properly and what better occasion than these festive holidays? Hopefully in the next weeks then, you will see a post for my attempts... And, what are YOUR favourite desserts? :)


  1. These look so yummy! I literally want to eat every single one of these!x

  2. Giuly - I've made the crema catalana and meringues, want to come over? ;P

    Kfedland - I know right? You just want to eat the screen when you see them... :P


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