December 11, 2011

Oh Summer...

I'm feeling very nostalgic of summer... It's so cold here in Scotland now and my body was not designed for these cold climates. I tell you. I wish I could go back to Sardinia, where these photos were taken... beautiful, beautiful place... Wish I was there now!
The harbour of Porto Rotondo, in Costa Smeralda, one of the most VIP areas in Sardinia

Me, attempting at being a mermaid...ehm

You see A LOT of these in Sardinia, especially in Costa Smeralda
I love this summer outfit.. It was on sale at H&M and it turned into my summer hit. It's got black polka dots which you can't see too well from the picture
"Ma com'è bello andare in giro con le ali sotto i piedi, è una vespa special che ti toglie i problemi"
Read more for more photos from Sardinia


Me sitting outside a bar lounge in Porto Cervo, the ultimate VIP location in Sardinia. Want to see lots of celebrities and lots of luxurious cars and yachts? This is the place you should go to.
It's not called the "Emerald Coast" for nothing... just look at that water!

To be or not to be... 

I have a thing for small white churches like this... I would love to get married in one like this some day!


  1. ciao :)
    ho appena trovato il tuo blog e mi piace davvero un casino... esattamente come la sardegna!!

  2. Ciao! Che bello un messaggio in Italiano! ;)
    Grazie mille!!
    eh, la Sardegan è una favola!!!! :)


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