December 12, 2011

When you wish upon a star...

 I stumbled across the Minnie and Mickey photo below by Shuhei Yagishita and it brought back so many childhood memories, I am now feeling very nostalgic... When I was a kid, and my family lived in Belgium, we use to go to Disneyland Paris every year to celebrate my Birthday, I was the happiest child on earth! And if you took me there now... I'd be the happiest woman on earth! I have so many magical memories linked to this place, here's a few photos I found which take me back in time (found them on google, not mine..).
CopyrightShuhei Yagishita
One year, on my Birthday we went for lunch in the Castle's restaurant, I was probably about 9/10. It was great. The waiters brought me a cake castle shaped and I had Minnie and Mickey singing me "Joyeaux Anniversaire". What more could a child want?? :)

Read more for more random facts and photos of my Disney memories :p

"It's a small world"... probably the eraliest of my Disney memories. I was just 3 when we first went to Disney World in California, and this is the one thing I remember. Or rather, I remember the little song becasue I had a toothbrush wich when you pressed Mickey's nose it started playing the tune of "It's a small world"... I loved that tooth brush, like I love the dolls' house here :) 

The first Hotel, "Newport", we went to. And because they had made a mistake with the booking, we ended up in a Suite room! (Not going to complain about that now, are we). In fact I believe it was that central one up there with the three windows, I felt like a princess! These were definitely my best two Birthdays ever!

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