December 13, 2011

Where are the Women?

My ideal of beauty and femininity is this. From head to toe. Women should still look like this today, everyday. I think there was a whole different level of elegance and sophistication which... I don't know, it's being lost these days. Women are ever so more like men... where has this beauty been lost? Maybe I'm stuck back in time, but if I had to chose, I'd want to be a woman like the ones below. For sure.
Nina Leen New York 1953

Capucine, Café de la Paix, 1952. Photo by Georges Dambier

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Sophia Loren 
Elle’s Belle de Nuit
Vogue Australia, March 1995
Photographer: Andrew Macpherson
Model: Elle Macpherson
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  1. I wish it was accepted to dress/look like this every day, so glamorous x

  2. I know! It would be great... Who knows maybe in a few years time it will come back... A girl can dream right? ;)

  3. Wow! So elegant and graceful!! I wonder why today's generation cannot do this so easily!


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