January 12, 2012

Arizona Muse for Louis Vuitton Cruise 2012

I love... no, what am I saying... I adore this editorial! Everything about it is perfect, the style, the context, the scenery, I want the life she seems to be having in this! There's one thing I have to admit about Louis Vuitton though, I've never been particularly keen on it, mainly the bags with the LV all over them and I think this is linked to the fact that back home in Italy, EVERYONE goes around with one of these bags acting snobbish and showing off, or carrying around big fakes they bought from the Chinese outside the station pretending to have one... I think back home I've just associated it negatively because of the use of these bags and how the people who carry them just do it to show off they have a LV bag. Because I prefer more subtle things, and not flaunting all over the place whether I can afford or not a LV (or any other brand) I think this has affected my whole view of the brand. Although now, after seeing these beautiful photographs... I may have to re-think about it... (I still have a negative feeling of the bags with LV all over them though.. sorry, I can't help it!). Is there a brand in your country which has had an effect like this? I know for example in the UK, Burberry has very much been associated with chavs and all that... thoughts? 

Images via AC


  1. Nice pictures! They make me miss Paris...

  2. Paris is such a wonderful city! I've never heard of anyone who was there and didn't like it! I've been a few times and always loved it :)


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