May 21, 2012

All good things come to an end

Sorry for not having kept this blog very much up to date, but I'll try and get back on to it especially now that I have finished all my exams. In fact, I have completed my university degree!!!! *Celebratory dance*
Now I just have to wait for June for the Graduation Ceremony. It's quite surreal... you spend four years working, revising, studying, (procrastinating...), and the end never seems to come and then suddenly, you're there. It's over. You've done it. And all the years you've been waiting seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye...
 What's crazy is that I feel this is what happens for all of our lives. We're always waiting for something. Graduating, marrying, going for a trip, going for a meal, seeing someone... all we do is wait for things to happen, then they happen and we are then waiting for something else... Maybe we should really stop "waiting" for the future to happen and just really live the moment, the "here and now", but why is it so hard?
Anyway, after this philosophical moment of mine, here's a few photographs of me getting soaked by my wonderful friends at the end of my last exam! It looks really warm I know, but, trust me, it's Scotland, the blue sky and sun is just a trick to make you think it's warm. It was VERY cold ;)

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