December 7, 2012

Chanel Iman by David Roemer for Deluxe Magazine November 2012

What a beautiful editorial. Chanel has a beautiful body expression what I feel is missing a little, but this is a personal opinion, is facial expression, her face is much the same in all photographs and it doesn't trasmit any feeling/emotion to me. For this editorial to be perfect I would want her face to seduce me, to tell me the story of her and what she's wearing. It might be just me though... anyone else have this feeling? I love the photographs it's just her facial expression leaving me a bit perplexed... I'd love to hear anyone elses opinion!

source: AoC


  1. Sexy but still classy! All about the fur. ♥

    Bianca ♥

    1. Sexy but classy is always a perfect combination! :)


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