December 11, 2012

Liebster Award - 2nd Nomination!

 I was nominated by the lovely E-M from ZerxzaStyle!! Thank you so, so much for nominating me, it's the second time this week I receive this award, I feel so honoured!! Thank you guys!! You can find out more about the Liebster Award on my previous post here

Here are the answers to the new questions given to me :) Thank you dear E!

1. What is your first memory about fashion? (maybe you did something fashion-related when you were little etc)
I became involved in fashion a few years ago at uni when I was chosen as model for an asian fusion fashion show. After the experience on the runway, I started getting involved behind the scenes and that's where my interest in the fashion world came out!

2. Do you see your future related with fashion industry?
Yes! I've started working at Novemb3r here in Italy in September and the more I work here, attending trade shows, living the behind the scenes creation of a collection I definitely want to stay in the fashion industry! I love it

3. Who is your biggest inspiration?
I don't have a person who inspires me, I'm more inspired by life in general. Life is a form of art and so is fashion and I think once you see this everything becomes beautiful, interesting

4. What's your motto in life? 
"The greatest thing you'll learn is to love and be loved in return"

5. What are the 3 little things that always make you smile? 
Kids laughing; receaiving an unexpected nice message; seeing the people I love smile

6. Are you more of a winter-person or summer-person? Why?
Summer! No doubt! I love warm weather, summer colours, the days are longer and there's more light :)

7.  Do you prefer skirts or jeans? Heels or flats?
Jeans and heels, but I'd like to wear more skirts than what I actually do..

8. What's your biggest goal right now to achieve?
My career and one day to "build" my own family

9.  If you had 10 000 dollars to spend on fashion-related items, what would be the first one for you to buy? Why that item?
An Elie Saab dress. Although I wouldn't know where to wear it, unless I get on the red carpet... but I love Elie Saab and all is collection and just knowing I have one of his creations would be fabulous!

10. What is your favorite area in history? Why? (50s,60s,70s... etc)
50'/60s! I love the women fashion of those days, it was feminine, elegant and beautiful! Also I think values which existed then are today undervalued as the saying goes "Today we know the price of everything and the value of nothing"...

11. And of course the most important question of the season - What is the hottest thing to wear on The New Years Eve? 

Of course it depends where you are going! But I think simple with details is the best. A black dress with shiny/sparkling shoulders. A long dress and a beautiful up hair-do. Keep it simple with a little of sparkle and detail! And, don't forget! Red lingerie! ;)


  1. It was so good to read these answers! Totally agree with you in the dress subject :D

    1. Thank you E :) and Thank you so much again for nominating me, I had loads of fun answering the questions!

  2. Lovely blog! Couldn't agree with you more for NYE :)


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