December 13, 2012

This is a man's world...

Ah, men! No I've not just finished praying, I'm sincerely sighing at men. I always blog about women fashion but today I want to share some of my favourite styles for the boys. You will now notice, that I have a thing for men in shirts. It's what it's like for a man seeing a lady in lingerie... I don't want an half naked man, I want a man in a shirt, especially when the shirt collar is left lightly open.... that does things to me, you don't even want to know! So, men, please always wear shirts, thank you ;o)

What's your favourite man style? Or if you are a man, what's your favourite outfit to wear?

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photographs source: various sources


  1. A fresh t-shirt and nice jeans always works for me but I also love to see my husband in a nice tailored blazer on a night out. Sexy! :) Nice post.

  2. A nice button up shirt with the first button or two undone with nice shoes :)


  3. I love all styles you chose, but the first one I would totally get my bf :-) I love tha kind of preppy chic !

    xoxo Keke

  4. What does it for me is seeing a well turned out man. It doesn't matter whether he's in shorts and loafers or tailored trousers and shirt or worse a suit, I just go gaga lol!!!
    Love ALL the photos.


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