January 27, 2013

LOVE 2.0 - The era of "will you be my facebook it's complicated girlfriend?"

Hello dear followers,

Hope you had a good end to the week! I finally had a little time to read my latest Vogue issue while eating breakfast and drinking tea on Sunday morning (I have to thank 4 years living in the UK for my new tea habits, also, tea bought here in Italy is definitely not as tasty as the one I use to buy in UK) Aaanyway... Enough about tea, what I really want to talk about today is an article I read on the latest Vogue issue headed "Love 2.0" - Yes, the latest love generation exactly.

The article analysed how today's relationships are live through technology. Love letters have turned into email, kisses have turned into facebook likes, and courting has become a tweet or youtube video. What has happened to Love? Where has all the romanticism gone? The O'Haras fighting for their Wilkes, the passionate, everlasting and destructive love of the Catherine Earnshaws and Heathcliffs, the surrendering of Miss Bennet and Mr Darcy to their undeniable love... Today all we have in relationships is technology.

You go out to dinner with your loved one and half way through you find yourself in silence each updating your personal facebook status to: "Having dinner with the lady at.... Love you baby" - "Having dinner with my man :D :D  at.... Love you more!!"  - And now you are actually both too busy looking at the follow up comments and likes that you don't even realize that you actually ARE having dinner with your other half who is sitting right across from you!!! But instead of looking into each other eyes and talk about whatever, you're both concentrated on staring at your screen and chatting with people who are in another place, city, country, time zone, planet... I don't know. Why are you not passionately looking into each others eyes, telling each other about your day or whatever?!?! Ok, maybe passionately do it later, but why are you not letting yourself get lost in the depth of your lover's eyes...

So, yes, what do you think about love and relationships nowadays? Do you think its losing its true meaning a little and all that matter nowadays is a facebook relationship status? Have human values, the human, emotional side of love gone to the wind? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm a hopeless romantic and for me a text, facebook message or email does nothing, maybe a little if it begins with Neruda's sonnet style:

....I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way...

and followed by the arrival of 100 red roses at my door step. But what I want is to see it in the other person's eyes, voice, gestures... everything they do shows me they love me. Not a silly tweet. 


  1. Totally true thing about fb and relationships, i had experience that my ex left me just by sending me msg in fb inbox.

    love the post very much... it is sad reality..

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that.. What an *******!!! But I'm sure there is someone better for you out there! ;)
      Let's hope that there is still a better reality than this as well or at least that people will start to slowly realise and change!

    2. Thank u very much for this words, actually that happened one year ago, now i found my soul-mate :))i think it was destiny.. i will write about it in some next posts.

      many kisses :*

    3. Ah, that's fantastic :) I'm Happy to hear that and look forward reading your next posts too :)

      Love xx xx

  2. Lucky Jonas doesnt have facbook and twitter! hahahaha


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