June 8, 2010

Doing It For a Thrill

... so I have discovered tonight I have a new passion, that is motorbikes. I have to admit they scare me a little bit, because I kow of people who had terrible accidents and one of my mother friends a fatal one... but at the same time I'm prone to believe that it's that same thrill of the danger which drives me to love it.
The adrenaline that rushes through your veins when the speed rises and rises and rises, the wind blowing on your face, that feeling as if your about to take off and fly...woa! Unbelievable... all your worries, all your thoughts everything gets left behind, it's just you and the road.
It reminded me of when I did horse riding and cross country... I guess it always takes me back to that "adrenaline and thrill of danger" I was talking about before. Just instead of a motorbike, you have a horse, these wonderful, powerful animals which I love so much. The thrill of doing cross country, is undescriptive, you'd have to try it to understand because for as awesome as the motorbike can be, with a horse, there is this connection, this bond and trust which forms between you and this beautiful animal that is beyond what words can say. I could go on forever talking about this using the most appropriate words and still you would have to try it to fully understand what I'm talking about.
To go back to the "adrenaline and thrill" though, with cross country you are galloping at full speed in the middle of nature and woods ( oh the times I found myself with a mouthful of leaves, tasty...ehm), but oh the sense of freedom you're overwhelmed with is just... oh so good! It's just you, the horse and the 'wild', it simply fills you up with life!
That's what I felt tonight on my motorbike ride... I was just an "innocent traveller" tonight, as someone thoroughly suggested me earlier, but even then, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of the speed, just you and the road in the obscurity of night, the wind blowing on your face... woa, what an amazing feeling.

“You have to balance reason with passion; reason keeps you open, passion keeps your adrenaline going.”

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