June 7, 2010

Country Love

So yesterday me and the family went up to the Colli Euganei, which is about 40 mins away from my house. A beautiful place. Just seeing the scenery from the car's window filled me up with joy. It was such a marvellous view for the eyes, everywhere so green and lovely little italian homes with their cute little gardens filled with roses and pomegranate trees.

The place we went to, up on the hill, was a "Agritursimo" as we call it in Italian, in English the translator called it "Farm holidays/agrotourism"...
well, what can I say I was stunned by the beauty of this place. At sunset we walked down a little path until we reached the vineyards and the cherry trees. It was a little piece of heaven. All this green and the thousands of bright red cherries on the trees was simply mesmerizing. I had never seen something like that before! We picked some cherries and ate them staright from the trees, so wonderfully yummy... the best cherries I have ever had!

The sun rays through the branches, or lighting up the vineyards is something that has always fascinated me and it definetly did not deceive me this time! Just walking around that place felt so peaceful and relaxing, I couldn't stop but smiling at the beauty of it all.

At the end of the night after dinner, walking back to the car I looked up to the sky and it was purely gorgeous! With no lights around except the ones form the house, you could see a million stars shining, I could have stayed there hours just staring at it.

That's when I started thinking that, for as much as I enjoy a big city with all its life and lights and what-not... well I have to admit the country side will always have its best with me.
When, being in the city will you be able to look up and see all those wonderful stars... how could a city ever give you that sense of serenity and peace you can feel when walking through vineyards eating cherries or even, moving away from the country to like, the seaside (possibly my favourite), the beauty of sitting on a beach looking at a beautiful sunset colouring the sky like fire, with the sound of the waves crashing at shore?
When could you ever feel like that in a city?

Maybe I'm a 'country-mouse', I have grown up partly around country side and partly on the sea side but for as much as I can enjoy and love a city-life in all its glory... well it's clear what I would choose :)

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