June 12, 2010

"He set me dreaming."

This morning didn't start particularly well, let me tell you. I was having breakfast and I suddenly started sweating adn feeling dizzy, my head was turning and I started pretty much hyperventilating, I was finding it very difficult to breath. Of course at first my sister started laughing because she thought I was being usual silly me making a fool of myself, after a few minutes though she realised I wasn't actually joking, apparently I turned white/greenish... lovely. Shrek would have probably fallen deeply in love with me and my sudden green tan.
Anyhow, I lied down for a while, with my legs up and my mum blowing cold air on me. My hands and legs felt as if I had needles in them, horrible. Luckly I slowly recovered during the rest of the day. I guess it must have been the heat combined with a sudden drop of my blood pressure... tsk, and I thought I was young and strong!
But yes, the heat is quite unbearable at the moment. It's extremely humid and that's what's making it worse, I feel like I'm constantly living in the oven, baking like a cake... for as much as I love baking cakes, I'm not enjoying being the one baking this time. I would appreciate a little breeze. You know that summer breeze you get around sunset on the seashore, that fresh air mixed with the smell of the sea... beautiful! For now though I'll have to bear my 'oven-town'.
Tonight I went to this horse festival near my house, of course how could I ever miss something involving horses?! ;) It was very nice, there was a rodeo going on as well, I had never seen one except in Tv, so that was an interesting experience. The hroses were stunning, very agitated and filled with adrenaline ready to run the competition. They had to slalom around three big bins as fast as possible without making them fall. Most of the riders lost their cowboy hats, so I started wondering why they even bothered wearing it for the rodeo, I guess it's just how it's the 'cowboy fashion'.
Watching them I wished I was on one of those horses too. I can't help it, it's in my blood... but at least I got a chance to spend the rest of the evening in the stables befriending all the horses that were there, I'd probably would have slept there had I been allowed! This one horse really caught my attention, she was gorgeous, different shade sof grey and so sweet. She put her head on my shoulder and rested there waiting for me to stroke her head. So amazing, I was in seventh heaven.
I would put all my trust in a horse, no doubt. Unfortunately I fear I can't say the same for people. Yes, obviously there are many people I trust and care about and whom I'm pretty sure would never let me down... but I have learned form experience that many times this is not always the case and people will let you down someway or another (in the sense that you'll lose your trust in them and start to wonder who they really are in the first place...).
A horse may not have the power of speech but if you look deep in their eyes and actions these will say all you need to understand it and I, will always trust that above anything any human being could ever tell me with a thousand words.

“The sight of him did something to me I've never quite been able to explain. He was more than tremendous strength and speed and beauty of motion. He set me dreaming.” - Walt Morey

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