June 22, 2010

Lately I have not been inspired to write much on here. Blame the weather with the non-stop rain or maybe just my current lack of immagination on interesting(or so I like to believe :P) things to write.

Well tonight I just found myself thinking about people. Yes I know that's a very general term, but I'm getting somewhere with it. I found myself thinking that sometimes we don't appreciate the people in our life enough, or at least we don't show it enough. The other day, walking back from town I bought flowers for my mum. For no particular reason, I just thought it would make her happy to receive unexpected flowers. In fact it did. But the first thing she asked me was "Why?" and I just told her because they were pretty and I thought I'd surprise her. She almost cried for how happy and unexpected this gift was.
That's when I realised it really takes little to make someone happy, or just thank them for being part of your life, unfortuantely we're always so busy thinking about everything else in our life that we forget about this.
Some flowers, a box of chocolate or even just an unexpected hug or letter can make someone so happy, so why does it seem like such a small, irrelevant thing to do?

Last summer my dad managed to get to Italy from Africa this little girl who fell in the fire when she was 2 years old (she's now 5) and lost her foot, so that she could get the cures she needed. Well, on the first night she arrived here and we went to fetch her at the airport, she looked completely clueless. She had been thrown in a whole new world,in which nothing made sense to her. She looked extremely sad, staring at us with her big bright eyes wondering what was going to happen. From that moment I made a deal with myself that somehow I had to get a smile on her face. And I did.
I took her to the beach and showed her the sea. She had never seen something like that before in her whole life, I can't even imagine what it must have been like for her to see that immense amount of water in front of her; all I know is that I will never forget her face brighting up like the sun. I picked her up as she was unable to walk and brought her closer so that she could touch the water. I had never seen a happier kid! She picked up the water and started washing her face with so much energy and joy which was just wonderful. Then she looked at me and noticed I was very dry so decided to spray water all over me too. We had so much fun and that's all it took to get her to smile and let me tell you that was one of the best days of my life.
Now she's gone back to Africa but I miss her everyday and think of her wondering what she's up to, hoping that one day she will be able to see that sea again.

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