October 1, 2010


So, I started this blog because I wanted a place where I could just "throw" all my random thoughts so they would be taking less space in my head, which as of now I need to fill with Spanish literature, International Business and Organizational Behaviour. Yes, some random thoughts must come out and get on here. Now.

Once again waking up to a 'wonderful' grey, windy and rainy Scottish day. Don't get me wrong, I love this place but...  if I had gone to California, I would have been much happier weather wise. My roses are looking pretty on my windowsill though, so it cheers me up when I lift my head from the screen, look outside and see the rain.

I should probably be studying or reading something relevant, instead I decided I would write on here and get on that later. Of course "later", I will be hungry, so I'll make myself lunch and after lunch I'll feel sleepy and you know, I would understand anything I'd be studying, so I'll just do it "later". I'll watch a film instead. But "later", I'll realise I need to take a shower and wash my hair, because... well that's what we do in a civilised country no? So I'll take my shower and "later" I'll get on the studying. But after the shower, I'll feel too relaxed to start studying, I need to feel the pressure to make me do work, so... I'll do some baking instead. Yes let's do some baking and I'll read the "literature" later. Oh, "later", I'll be hungry again... I mean, it's almost dinner time, so I'll make myself something to eat. I eat. It's "later", I have done everything I could possibly do to defer my readings so let's get on to... Oh! I forgot! I had to do my laundry today. I'll do the reading "later", once I've done that then.
"Later"... oh it's too late now to start studying, I'll do it tomorrow. As a wise woman once said in "Gone with the Wind"...

"Tomorrow... is another day!"



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