November 16, 2010

Writer's Block...?! and D'Espresso Cafe interior in NYC

Well... It's been a while since my last post, not that this has caused major disruption around the world of course but I thought that maybe I should update my little space here. So today Prince William got (finally) engaged with Kate, my life is complete now that I know. St Andrews here has been assaulted by TV media, BBC and what not, simply because this is where Kate and William met. I guess I missed my chance to get the Prince now... I should have come to this place a few years ago... Oh well. Anyway enough blabbering. I still feel a bit of a writer block... probably because part of me knows I should be actually, writing essays and not blogging... so I'll just leave y'all with something I found looking around the internet. I find it pretty cool even though I believe it must feel like the world as suddenly gone upside down when you walk in here... check it out!
Designed by Nema Workshop, it's located on Madison Avenue. I think it's definetly a cafe to visit!

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