October 22, 2011


The past week I've been doing a lot of thinking... While reading Coehlo's - The Witch of Portobello - I came across this:
"We can project anything onto the darkness, and we usually project our own ghosts. That's true for children and for adults."

I didn't realise how true this is until I stopped and thought for a second. We are, actually, our own enemies. We create things in our mind without stepping outside the box. Why do we always concentrate on some details and leave out so much more. We listen to others, but only listen to what we want to hear or think we should be hearing. That way we can create the story in our mind we had planned without even realising. Darkness is darkness, there is nothing about it which suggests it should be scary or filled with ghosts. We do that. We project what we think we should see but not what we really see. I understand I may be getting a little philosphical here but I hope you get my point. We are allowed to believe in anything we want, we can project anything we wish onto the darkness... why is it then that we always end up fearing the ghosts?

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