January 26, 2012

Christian Dior Haute Couture - Spring 2012 (post in 4 languages)

How could one not adore Christian Dior, especially after seeing the new stunning haute couture collection for 2012! I'm in love with every single piece! Especially this first white one here... it's too beautiful! 
(I'm trying for the first time to write a post in the four languages I know, English, Italian, French and Spanish; most people speak english but there are people who don't, so I thought I could use my knowledge this way. Let me know what you think about it, if it's a good idea or not :) )
Come si potrebbe non amare Christian Dior, in particolare dopo aver visto la nuovissima collezione alta moda primavera 2012, è meravigliosa! Sono innamorata di ogni singolo pezzo, specialmente questo bianco primo... è assolutamente spettacolare!
Como se pudiera no estar enamorados de Christian Dior, especialmente después de ver la nueva colección de alta moda primavera 2012! Me encantan todos, en particular el primero blanco aquí abajo... es maravilloso!
C'est impossible de ne pas aimer Christian Dior, en particulier après voir la nouvelle collection d'haute couture printemps 2012! J'aime toutes les pieces, spécialement celui la blanc ici... il est absolument merveilleux!

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