January 19, 2012

Luisa Bianchin by Alexander Neumann for L’Officiel Paris February 2012

If you had not yet noticed, I'm in love with anything which evokes the 50s/60s (or anything before that as well for that matter) so you will probably see why I find this editorial FABULOUS! Other than the badly photoshopped orange lips, everything is perfect, the shoes she's wearing with the pink dress... oh my!! I just want to wear EVERYTHING! :) 
( - also, apologies for the lack of posts lately but I was under exams so I had to pretend to be a diligent student , but I'm done now! Had Spanish literature this afternoon and tomorrow going back home for a little before second semester starts :) - )

via AnneofCarversville

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  1. love the photos!! great blog!! keep in touch via twitter or fb!

    //yvette xo


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