January 22, 2012

Secret of the Desert

A while back I went on holiday to Egypt with my family, coming across through some of those photos now I thought I would share with you my beautiful adventure in this beautiful country. The landscape is just outstanding. Although on the first day there I had a very high temperature and spent the day in bed in my room, I soon recovered and was ready to try EVERYTHING! While there I went snorkeling through some amazing reefs, I swam with dolphins, road a quad in the desert, had tea in the desert made by the people who live there, I rode a camel, went water skiing and visited the "Doors of Allah" and many more beautiful places. Enough to say it was AMAZING. Here are some photographs for you to have a peek at :)
Oh, also, I bought a perfume there from a little artisan shop called "Secret of the Desert", which has become my favourite scent, probably also for its beautiful name!

 Click the read more to see the rest of my adventure! :) There's a camel drinking a bottle of 7up...

Me and dolphin friend dancing :)

There is a story behind this which is absolutely terrifying.. . Many people believed this crack in the land, filled with water, would lead to the sea. Thus a group of scuba divers attempted to go down and follow it till reaching it. Unfortunately, the first man to attempt this, got stuck half way through and there was no possibility to get him out anymore. He died down there. His colleagues left a metal stick at this entrance as a sign to not attempt to go there because in fact, it does get too narrow for people to get through. 
Me and my mum driving through the desert, of course I was driving ;) So much fun!

Ever seen a camel drink a bottle of 7up? Well, now you have!

The Boob. Don't laugh, this is actually what it's called apparently! No need to explain why ;)

Unfortunately this came out blurred, but it's me and my camel who carried me around
The doors of Allah

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