January 7, 2012

What I got for Christmas... peace of mind

In the past few months, I had sort of lost myself in stress and anxiety. I was a different person, I was nervous, I cried easily for nothing... this was a result of a combination of many different issues in my life which I let overwhelm me. So over Christmas, I received the best gift my parents could do for me during a time like this. They gave me a gift pack for a Spa Treatment at Hotel Terme Roma, in Italy. I had never done anything as such, I was enthusiastic, and there could not have been a better moment in time when I needed to relax. In my pack I had included:

1 full body massage
1 plantar reflexology massage
1 anti-stress massage
1 Whirlpool in Ozone water
1 solarium
and free use of the swimming pools, sauna, hamam, "emotional showers", the gym and thalassotherapy.

Let me tell you after 3 days of this, I was regenerated! I had gone to the doctor he gave me lots of medicaments to take, yes they help but although I felt better physically.. I was still very fragile emotionally. But after all these treatments and free days of full relaxation away from everything and everyone, I started feeling better. Happier. What I loved was Thalassotherapy, from Greek Thalasso = sea, thus the therapy of the sea. I really believe the sea as wonderful powers for our body and minds. I didn't have the sea here, but the "cave" I went in, was filled with mineral salts vapour which help clear the body from toxins and relax. I think the best cure, when you are feeling down or upset, is the sea, or anything which has to do with it such as thalassotherapy.


  1. Following you from my group in IFB!


    Sounds ike you had a very relaxing Xmas present!

    Xoxo janelle


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