January 4, 2012

The beauty of Grace

I have always loved and always will love Grace Kelly. She is not an icon for nothing... Today I came across the editorial of Maryna Linchuk by Vincent Peters for Vogue Espana January 2012 - 'Sempre Grace', and well having to portrait an icon like that of Grace Kelly is not an easy job. If not an impossible one. I do not doubt Maryna Linchuk looks gorgeous but honestly, as close as it can be to the beautiful Grace, it is not quite there. When I look at pictures of the real Grace Kelly and then look at Peter's editorial, I think Maryna lacks the softness and swetness which characterized Grace. With all due respect to Maryna Linchuk, she's stunning, but... she ain't nothing like Grace... The posture, the gaze, the delicacy, the sweetness in her eyes... to me Maryna looks too stiff and strong if you know what I mean, but enough rambling take  look and see what you think :) 
The real Grace Kelly


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