November 5, 2012

Pocket-full of Sunshine for Fall

I find that during fall and winter season, many colours are discarded at the back of our closet and forgotten until the nice warm weather comesback and so we start dressing in accordance to the seasons colours... black, gray, brown... Don't get me wrong, I love styling these colours, but once in a while, we need to add a little colour again in our outfits and bring back a little bit of "summer". So today I'm sharing with you all a look I just came across which I found great! The big, comfy, cozy, bright yello jumper styles perfectly with that hat and bag... I just love it! It's an everyday look, comfortable and so stylish it just makes youw ant to go through your grandma's closet to find some big old vintage jumpers! What do you think? Do you find yourself putting aside bright colours over winter or not?

Tops, // Accessories, Forever 21 // Bags, Net-a-Porter // Beauty, Nordstrom

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