November 3, 2012

Samantha Gradoville in La Perla F/W 2012 by Dir Mary Rozzi

I am a huge, huge fan of lingerie. I think a woman should always wear beautiful lingerie even if she's going to spend all day in pj's or sweatpants. A woman should do it for herself, when I'm wearing my favourite lingerie, I always feel like I could conquer the world, I feel sexy and fabulous because even if no one else is going to see it, I know what gorgeous lingerie I'm wearing and it make me feel good. La Perla, is defnitely one of my favourite brands and this new collection proves it, with its oriental feel and sensuality. Check out also the video at the end, it's wonderfully produced, sensuality at it's best, with perfect music and wonderful images... I'm in love.. !

via AoC

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