November 3, 2012

Australian Ballet Jubilee by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia November 2012 - 'Heavenly Creatures'

This editorial is simply beautiful, representing the 75th Anniversay of the Australian Ballet. I love ballet, I think it's one of the most mesmerizing forms of art, you can see, feel the passion... a good ballet and a good dancer, to my opinion, makes you feel something, they display emotions and you feel sad, you feel happy, you feel scared, you feel passionate... all these feelings are all transmissible through ballet. That's why I love this editorial. The photographs capture the movements wonderfully almost making you see the dance even though it's a still image and the beach allows for an absolutely stunning background! Beauty at its best!

via AoC


  1. Being a ballet dancer myself, these photos are truly inspiring. The setting of the beach, their elegant forms is just so poetic.

    I love your blog, will start following you :)

    1. Hi lovely,
      Totally agree with you :) Ballet is truly beautiful!

      Thank you for your message and support, I'm your latest follower



  2. Funny camera that blinks when the forest critters are aware. Ars eroica, ars illat.


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