December 17, 2012

Food for... Fashion

What could this...

have to do with this? 

It's HOT! :o) I know, I know, lame... Anyway, (bad) jokes aside, today I want to talk about food and fashion. Many times you see some kind of food, involved in an editorial with a beautiful model. So, last night I stopped and thought, what is it about food and fashion? On one side you have the debate about anorexia and models starving themselves for a thin body, on the other side you've got beautiful models seducing you while eating some strawberries and pasta. So, what IS it?

Well, if you want my answer, it's sex. Now, don't think I'm crazy, there's a reasoning behind it. Food and beautiful women are sensual, erotic, it either seduces you or makes you want to look that sexy when YOU eat (which by the way, ain't happening, trust me, I tried. The pasta, will get stuck in your throat making you choke and the strawberries will leave you the black little seeds in your teeth... not cool, nor sexy). However, this is not the point, the point is that when you see food and women, it's sexy and we all know that now-a-days, sex sells. I'm not talking about vulgarity, if that sells then I want to live on another planet, but sensuality and eroticism, can be trasformed into art and fashion, and sexuality is natural to all human beings, we all connect to it, and don't lie, we're all active sexual beings and feel "things" right?! So, I think the reason food and fashion work is because it seduces and attracts us stimulating our senses.

Take this other photo:

Judith Bedard by Gabor Jurina forFashion Magazine

This is the epitome of fashion going hand in hand with food. It touches upon our 5 senses, we  associate the taste and what we know about cherries with the photo. It's sweet, sensual, crunchy... sexy and well, it's seductive and that's why people love it, we all crave to be seduced...This works perfectly to sell the lipstick, I just want to run to the shop, buy it, go home and attemp looking like that while I eat the cherry. I know, it's not gonna work, but a girl cand ream right?!

What are your thought on food and fashion? Do you agree with me or do you see it in a different way?

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