December 18, 2012

Travel&Fashion Day 1

So because I love travel and fashion, I've decided to combine the two in my posts, and every week, once or twice, I will share with you a destination anywhere around the world, and combine it with a fashion style which that particular location inspires me. Here's the first one, and today we're travelling to...

VENICE, ITALY!  I live less than 30mins away by train, so this had to be the first place, if you have the chance you must go, it's truly magical.

Source: via Ely on Pinterest

Fashion Inspired - When I think of Venice, I think of carnival masks, love, elegance... so here are the styles I combined to this beautiful city

1. Couture

2. Products & Styles

Source: via Ely on Pinterest

What does Venice inspire YOU in terms of fashion? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Love your coat so much!!! Could you please consider following each other? I think you could really enjoy my blog! Twitter:@shineonbyandrea Facebook:

    1. Thank you dear Andrea! Of course I would love to follow each other! I've checked your blog and followed, looking forward hearing from you :)

      Ciao! :)

      Ely xx


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