December 3, 2012

Inspiring Images

 Today I want to share with you some inspiring images I found around the web. Photographs are so much more than a moment in time, they tell a story. Behind every face, every landscape, every "instant" in a photo, there is a story, and this is what I love about it, discovering the story. For me a good photograph is when it tells something, it makes you feel some emotion, it makes you sad, it makes you happy, it makes you hungy... but it does something to you and it opens up a whole new world- So here a re just a very small selection for now of photographs which have told me something. I want to share them with you and see if you feel the same, feel free to comment and tell me the story you read in it or the emotion they gave you!

Caught Out.. by Owen G (oweng)) on
Caught Out.. by Owen G

The Parting ii by Luke  Sharratt (luketakesphotos)) on
The Parting ii by Luke  Sharratt

Ariana by Rauf Guliyev (guliyev)) on
Ariana by Rauf Guliyev

INDIAN GIRL by Joel Sossa (JoelSossa)) on
INDIAN GIRL by Joel Sossa

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