May 30, 2010

Cinderella, Cinderella

So I've started working finally this weekend. For as much as I love being home and spending time with my beloved family, I'll admit that it gets a bit boring sititng home all day and I just need to get out at some point. Of course if I had a driving license life would be easier... but I'll have to wait until I have the money for it...

First day of work yesterday, I love it but, boy it's tough work! and customers do not make it easy for you! Especially here, where everyone asks for a different type of coffee... it should be standardised! Italians are so fussy with coffee... and then food. Wow they are impatient! and ok I'll admit myself I am not the most tolerant person when it comes to waiting for food (I am still Italian overall) but I am just a waitress, I am not responsible for how long the cook takes. It's also hard to keep track when at lunch time you have 20 people asking you for 20 different things and they all want it ON THE SPOT. I have two hands, sorry, that's all that God gave me.
This lady today, oh she drove me up the wall...but of course customers are ALWAYS right even when you would LOVE to throw a sald on their head(it's a new fashion, very stylish I tell you). She asked for a toast to my colleague, Irene. So she put it on and then moved on to other customers at the other bar and left me there. Which was totaly fine, teamwork, cool. So I am serving the other customers and I start hearing the lady "so the toast will be burnt will it not miss? miss the toast is going to burn" ... the toast had just been put on 30 seconds ago, it could not possibly be burnt. I keep serving the other customers, checking the toast just to make the lady happy and she leaves while she waits for it. A few minutes later she comes back, I'm cutting her toast but she can't see me doing it and I hear her "so I imagine the toast is burnt now, you incompetent girls, it's going to be all black isn't it" - I turn around put my best smile on and say "Your toast is ready and it's perfectly cooked, not even shades of black. Have a lovely day"(bitch). I don't understand why some people have to be so mean!What is there to gain acting like that? who knows...
Other than that I enjoy the job. I like having to interact with people(when they're nice) and kids! Oh they're so cute when they ask for ice cream and sweets... I feel a little bit like Santa XD :P
The only bit which isn't great is cleaning the toilets... but whatever I get paid and it's quite fast when we do it in two people.
I feel a little bit like Cinderella, cleaning there, mopping there, serving there, making food, making dirnks and so on... sooo now... where's Prince Charming? I believe he fell off his horse and is now lost somewhere around the world in a lonely place where he can't ask for directions... ah.

“If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.” Oscar Wilde


  1. Elisa! (It's Sophie here, if you didn't guess)

    Love the blog. Good idea! I like hearing what you're up to :) And you've made me want to start. We'll see...

    Sorry about all the mean people. But remember, at the end of 'Cinderella' she lives happily ever after, so you've got that to look forward to! And if Prince Charming's fallen off his horse he'll just hop into the nearest helicopter. I think mine has fallen into a ravine on a climbing expedition...

    Miss you! x

  2. Sophie!! =D
    hahaha LOVE YOU!
    Yes you definetly have to start as well! You already have a fan! ;D
    Then we can make lik a Cromore Girls blog with the 4 of us! XD
    Miss you too! and I hope to read your blog soon as well!! ;) ;)

  3. From one quote lover to another, your reasons for starting a blog reminds me of a good quote:

    "Sometimes life can be so sweet it gives me toothache"

    I enjoyed your blog, keep writing...

  4. Hi! Thank you! =D
    It's good to meet more 'quote lovers' =)
    I had a look at your blog as well and liked all the quotes you've posted there!
    Thanks for 'following'! ;) I'll do the same :)


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