December 10, 2010

Because we all do...

We all need someone who believes in us.

Whether it's a little 10 year old who sees their role model in you, or a father who stands under the rain, in the cold filming you while you're competing in a riding competition. Or a mother who, for years, drives you every day of the week, after school for an hour to and from the gym which is on the other side of town, just so you can get to your training.Or a friend who spends the night with you, wiping your tears, cheering you up because of that boy who broke your heart.

No matter what one thinks, we all need that someone who believes in us, who thinks we're worth it all. Someone who no matter what will always stand by your side, who will cheer for you, will fight for you, will always be there, believing in you.

 I consider myself lucky. I've always had people in my life who have supported me in everything. Who believed I had the potential to succeed, believed I was good enough; and that helped me achieve what I have so far. Having someone who believes in you is like being attached to the power socket which gives you the energy, the power to "function", to light up.

I'm talking about someone who challenges you, who makes you want to become a better person, who makes you feel like you are great no matter what. I know I may start to sound slightly corny... but I do truly trust what I'm saying.

I've also learned, however, that first of all, you need to be the one to believe in yourself. If you're the first not to do so... why would anyone else want to? I've met lots of amazing, wonderful people who don't think they're worth much and underestimate their potential. This upsets me. I wish I could just give my eyes to them to show them how truly great they are.

Sometimes it's all a matter of perspective. Of course life would be easy if we were all able to step out of the box and look at things in a different way. That's why after starting to believe in yourself, you need someone who supports you, who's there for you to remind you how great you are.

Sometimes all we need is a little motivation and encouragement from someone else, to make it through. I remember when I was still doing riding competition, and this one time everything was just going wrong. I was last after the first event, my horse had literally gone mental, my instructor told me that had been the "worse dressage" I had ever done. I felt like a total failure. I have always been quite a perfectionist, I don't like "failing". Having my instructor telling me that, was like the world had suddenly dropped on me. I felt like crying, and I did. I also felt like giving up and just abandon everything. I felt humiliated somehow, but then my dad came over and he told me that if I was going to give up now just because I had encountered an obstacle, then I was giving up everything I had worked for, all the sacrifices I had made to get to that point. He told me "Have you really put all the effort into this for giving up half way through?".

No. Of course not. "Then get up and show what you've got. Show them you don't give up just because something went wrong. You're doing this because this is what you love and what you have worked for don't let a little disappointment break you down. The game is still on, show them you're still in the game and just go out there and kick their ass!" he said.

Well these were exactly the words I needed. I felt like I was a failure but my dad came there, shook me and made me realise I was being a total fool. I had lost the belief in myself and he gave it back to me. Because that's what he did. He believed in my potential.
I ended up 5th place after starting last, and all because I had someone who encouraged me and motivated me not to give up.

This is just an example of when I had someone encouraging me and believing in me, so I just want to take the opportunity to thanks all of the people who have always been there for me and supported me thus far.

Now, this post has been quite mushy and "Yes. You Can" style.. which I feel I need to balance out with something so here you go...

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