December 18, 2011


Accompany with some "Verduzzo Friulano" a wonderful sweet wine from the Italian region of Friuli

As you have seen I've made crema catalana  and then I was left with 4 egg whites, so what else to do with egg whites if not Meringues? So here you go


4 egg whites
240gr of sugar approximately
Vanilla extract if desired

NB: The amount of sugar should always be roughly double the weigh of the egg whites. One egg white is usually about 30gr.

Read more for method

Beat the egg whites for a few minutes and then add the sugar slowly (I made the mistake of adding the sugar straight away and so it made it more difficult for the whites to get fluffy). The final consistency should be very tough. If you cat through it with a knife the hole remains.  
Place on a baking tray (if you have a cat careful it doesn't go and sit on the baking sheet you've prepared while you turn your back to it to fill the sac a poche with the cream, like my cat did... of course I had to get a new baking sheet and throw the other one away...). Then bake at about 120° C for about 2 hours. 


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