February 25, 2012


My dear followers, it's been a hectic week for me here in Scotland working on a photo-shoot for Sitara*2012 which we did yesterday, but it's all been worth it! Being creative director for the show this year has made me realise how much I love and would love to develop this has my career once I graduate, working on set yesterday with the photographer and models was absolutely AMAZING! Check out some sneak peaks from the result of yesterday's work! A great Thank You to Gillian Gamble: Illustration and Photography and SC Makeup Artistry!


  1. Such gorgeous photos! That first one is really stunning, the long train and the beautiful colors! I love the third picture too, the pale blue dress and the flowers is such a pretty look! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank YOU for your comment :) Gillian Gamble is an amazing photographer, it was great working with her! The first one with the long train is definitely my favourite! <3
    Have a lovely day :)


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